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Juni 27, 2016
I rely can’t stand the anti-british rethoric anymore. Which goes like „uh, it’s the old and stupid folks, who voted brexit; they just don’t get how incredibly awesome the EU really is.“ Which is just some emotional discrediting of legitimate concerns:
The current EU system is highly undemocratic. Most of the power is in the hand of the commission, an uncontrollable bureaucracy always eager to increase its power and influence. The only democratic legitimation are the commissioners, nominated by representatives of the members states. So many in-betweens, and those who write legislative drafts – in the case of a directive something that will be immediately legally binding in all member states – are of course not done by the comissioners themselves, but by lower-ranking bureaucrats, which somehow got in the system, seeking a cushy government job.

Then the commission will work out some legislative draft with representatives of the ministries of the member states with some shady back-door deals. Some countries representatives will be missing (as their ministries aren’t that large enough to send representatives to all the various groups), and the result is often a least-common denominator, and not the best solution.

The parliament is toothless. And really not better than the commission, because whereas the commission is an an uncontrollable bureaucracy, at least their is some independence from corporations. On the other hand the members of parliament are often under higher pressure and subject to lobbying by their countries corporations.
From the perspective of the commission, laws must and should just somehow be passed through the parliament, hopefully without representatives pushing to much corporate alterations into the drafts.
The press often only notices then, and with that the European citizens. No public debate, it just came over us from nowhere.
And the commission is always out to push the member states ministries out of jurisdiction (once European legislation is established, it tops national law, cf. EU vs National Law), increase it’s power and get more money.

No seriously, I can fully understand the British concerns. We are about to, or already have created, a bureaucratic monstrosity, that is really hard to stop once it gains traction.
Instead of mocking the British for their alleged „stupidity“ (we smart continental Europeans all get it, right?), these concerns should be addressed.
Disclaimer: As for the EU: Been there. Done that.